Brand Story

Jumper Namibia was founded In 2017, after the owner attended a filming and editing workshop hosted by Namibia Film Commission, where he learned how to visually communicate with the camera. After learning the skills, the idea to create short videos in First Person Perspective came about and later realised the use of a VR headset and cellphone to watch the POV videos, allowing a viewer to truly gain the perspective of another person. This resulted into starting service for local businesses and professionals, birthing Jumper Namibia.


Jumper Namibia is a First Person Perspective video marketing platform. Creating cinematic informational / instructional content for clients to preview, launch or showcase their products or services. We utilize the style of shooting to allow viewers to watch the videos with Virtual Reality (VR) headsets, allowing them to truly gain the perspective of another person.


Before computers, we had a powerful tool that helped us retain facts: books. Reading becomes more of a challenge as the attention span becomes less and less throughout the years, this makes it harder for businesses and organisations to communicate to their audience through copy driven content. Jumper Namibia creates informational and instructional content in First Person Perspective, to help a viewer understand something without reading. The VR experience allows businesses to advertise their services and products in a more engaging & personal way, giving their audience an experience with their service/product.

We focus on futuristic ideas and incorporate technology in the works that we do, to motivate the idea of making Namibia a technology-driven country, and show how technology can help make our way of living more convenient.

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