How To Pivot Your Content

Adapted from 12 Apr 2020 Twitter thread by @joe_human_.

As consumers and businesses alike are finding ways to navigate through these trying times, a lot of attention is going towards creating digital content. Right now, content marketing is the only way that brands can connect with their audience besides selling them their product or service. This is why pivoting your content is a very important step that should be applied to your brand consistently if you want to keep your audience engaged. You will typically know that it is time to pivot your content when:

Your engagement has slowed down/died

Your content has a high reach but very little audience activity/engagement

Your accounts are stagnant – they aren’t growing or attracting new users

Therefore, keep in mind four factors when pivoting your content: Audience, Consistency, Quality and Research.

Your AUDIENCE is your client base, so always keep them in mind when creating your content. Rather than focusing on yourself, aim to create content that will pique their interest, whether you are providing entertainment or service that will cater to their need.

Secondly, you need to be CONSISTENT. While we are familiar with the message that regular content is important, you also need to think about what consistency will look like for you. Gauge each platform (according to the crowd, data and insights) to get an idea of how much and what type of content you will be dividing among the platforms.

Third; giving your audience good QUALITY content should go without saying. To do this you need to make sure that you always maintain a level of good quality while consistently finding ways to improve it.

Lastly, RESEARCH. Content creators need to be up to date with industry and cultural trends, especially when it comes to exploring mediums and platforms. Doing this will help you expand your reach of existing and potential customers.

Compiled by Ibilola Odunlami,

Copywriter at Jumper Namibia.

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