How we created the logo for Desert Indulgent Pastries

Food is one of the best things in life. We are not talking about fast food, We are talking about food that is made with love, care and a lot of creativity. Today, we are going to talk about a logo design for a food brand that is all about creativity and deliciousness. Desert Indulgent Pastries.

We created this logo for a business called Desert Indulgent Pastries. This is a female-owned business that offers treats to different age groups. This video is created to show you a bit of our creative process. Explaining how we conceptualised it.

Desert Indulgent Pastries was founded in 2016, in a small kitchen in Olympia by Kaarina Iita. “We started off with making little cake samples, where I went around the neighbourhood and to family members and offered them free samples as a way to promote my business. Eventually, people started ordering from me. Free Samples really work. You got to spend money to make money.

How I started to bake was because I had a Taiwanese family that would always have me bring chocolate cake to their parties, and in exchange, they would give me pancakes. I really loved the pancakes, so I would always bring them a cake and would get some pancakes from them. When people tasted my cakes at the parties, they would always advise me to start selling the cakes. And that’s how we started our business. My end goal is to become a manufacturer one day and provide cakes to restaurants and cafes all over the country.

So far, Desert Indulgent Pastries has provided for The Central Hospital, Klaras Market, Slow Town, Zenzi's Coffee Shop. Kaarina's Business was started with her own funding and has built it up to where it is today. You can contact her on +264 81 443 9897 or visit their page on Facebook

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