Silver Key Competition Survey

In October, we ran a silver key competition, the video showed a magician character shuffling a key between three cups. The objective was to guess where the key was.

A total of 80 people took part and 34 people guessed the correct answer, which was C. We had a draw from the names of the participants who guessed correctly and randomly selected one winner.

Our winner was Mr. Frans Namweya, who walked away with a Jumper T-shirt, a Jumper face mask, stickers, a keychain, and N$100.

During this campaign, we found that this method stimulated audience interest. This strategy is good for businesses that want to do research on what their audiences think of their products or services.

With a Facebook boost of only N$70, we reached a total of 10,168 people and 4190 post engagements all within Windhoek.

This research also helped us see which age group we should mostly focus on. Based on the group that engaged the most, we now have an idea of the type of content to create that targets these age groups.

What we can do for you.

If you are looking for direct marketing, we are able to:

1. Create an engaging marketing campaign where we produce a video for your product or service.

2. Have a stand where audiences watch a video via VR headsets, and have them give their opinion on what they think about your product or service. Alternatively we can carry out written surveys. This research information will then be sent back to you, where you will be able to analyse how you can improve your business.

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